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Katie Driver

The Thinking Alliance offers coachingtraining & consultancy which enables people and organisations to think better and be better.

The Thinking Alliance helps people reclaim the thinking time so often neglected in our fast-paced world.  Without this, it is easy to lose our connection with what is important to us as individuals and with the people and environment around us.  Our actions literally become thoughtless, our working relationships and resilience suffer and we fail to make progress on the things that matter.

Clients include private individuals and emerging and middle leaders in organisations large and small, in business and the public sector.  The Thinking Alliance brings an independent, wide-ranging and pragmatic approach to every conversation, with a focus on unlocking the powerful thinking which leads to success.  This is informed by an understanding of how introverts and extroverts can work together, a belief that working from personal strengths and values is the key to confident and purposeful action, and a recognition that healthy and mindful habits are the foundation for sustained progress and growth.

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Katie Driver, Director of the Thinking Alliance


One-to-one coaching helps you identify and commit to the actions which lead to professional and personal success. Team coaching and facilitation can help you and your leadership team capitalise upon each others’ diverse values and strengths for business success.

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Building capacity in your organisation to think ahead and sustain the improvements you seek, by strengthening the soft skills which consolidate and extend on the job learning.

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Helping you solve organisational problems by understanding your leadership and organisational context more fully, including the strengths you should protect and develop, and areas for improvement.

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